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Friday, April 12, 2013

FLUKE 2013

Woah. I looked at the last blog post from 2 years ago and it was still applicable as of last weekend! I actually did finish Bad Head #4 and gave away a few freebies (you have to pay for yours). It was great to see so many exciting comics and artists all in one spot without the crushing omnipresence of LARPers, Furries and Dragonlads (although that one Furry showed up again to peddle his manga). I'm going to be making regular posts now, making this a mainly comics focused blog, perhaps. I got some great books, here's a panel from one, The Vampire Mouse:

I also picked up Patrick Dean's newest comic, Weekend at The Atwood. After reading it I realized how much I missed the little world he's so successfully created. Here's his website, plus, as an added bonus, an image he lovingly ripped off from a Myron Fass publication:

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