The tightest pussy-pies, the biggest dinggy-dongs - all together in the moldiest basement!

Monday, September 12, 2011

THP #2- Tender Is the Night.

Oh, brother. Look at this. There's so much going on here- where to start? First off, this is a blurry photo of one of the finest discocaine records covers ever. The music? It's disco, not yacht rock like you'd think. I prefer the sounds of Poussez as far as obscure disco goes. I intend on scanning in a better photo. Maybe. One day. I'll throw a track up from my new turntable with a USB port, too.

God let's talk about the foursome they had. Actually, I like to think that there was a threesome with the two girls that are grabbing onto the guy. Later, after that threesome, the guy moves on to the cabin of the upscale lady in black. She looks a little jealous, come to think about it. I think that tension made for a rougher romp on the high seas. Condoms were not used.